Tech Neck

How do you spend your days and evenings? 

Currently society is built around looking down. People spend hours every day looking down at a laptop, phone, or iPad. Millennials are suffering from back and neck pain as bad as people twice their age! 

The problem: Slumping over tech devices causes the neck to lose its natural curve. This throws off the upper body's balance. It also causes muscles may be chronically fatigued, tightened, or overworked. 


We Can Help

1. Evaluate & Help Correct Posture. The head weights 20-30 lbs! When you look down this weight moves forward, putting stress on the upper body. We will show you how to correct this. There are simple exercises you can do throughout the day and in the car to help.

2. Improve function and mobility of joints and muscles. We use adjustments along with muscle work to stretch the tight areas and help strengthen the weak areas. 

3. Help prevent the pain from coming back. You will be given tips and ideas on how to avoid bad posture with tech devices. 


After spending years looking down some muscles may be chronically fatigued, tightened, or overworked. We can evaluate and