Increase your Golf Swing with Chiropractic

A recent scientific study shows that chiropractic care can improve your golf swing and in turn how far you can hit a golf ball. The study took a group of golfers and divided the golfers into two random groups. The study noted that the golfers used all had a comparable age, handicap, and initial swing. One group received a standardized stretching program to perform, while the second group received spinal manipulation along with the same stretching program. All the golfers performed 3 full-swing maneuvers and the average distance for the 3 shots was considered. Then, depending on which test group they were part of, the golfers went through just the stretching program, or the stretching plus chiropractic.

avid golfer & chiropractic patient teeing off on hole 11 at the Fredericksburg country club.

avid golfer & chiropractic patient teeing off on hole 11 at the Fredericksburg country club.

Treatment was performed after the initial full-swing maneuvers, and then the golf swings were performed again after the spinal manipulation. After participating in just the stretching or chiropractic plus stretching, the participants were asked to repeat the same three swing maneuvers. The average distance was recorded and this process was repeated over four weeks. 

After the data was collected the results were clear: there was no improvement in the full swing performance among the golfers in the stretching only group, but the golfers who received spinal manipulation along with stretching showed a statistically significant improvement in their full swing performance. This means that the golfers receiving both spinal manipulation and stretching were able to hit the ball farther than the other group. 

Currently approximately 30% of touring professionals are playing with a golf injury. These injuries can be helped naturally with chiropractic care. Call us today, so we can help improve your golf game!


TLDR: Spinal manipulation has shown to help increase a golf swing to a full range of motion.